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All of my photo albums from the past five years are at Google+. These are my most recent albums.

Roof Materials

I found it fascinating how efficiently two guys can deliver so many pallets of shingles and stuff.

A New Roof

They worked 13 hours Friday, and another 3 Saturday to strip out the old and install our new roof.

SBA Dog Days

People having a fun weekend of cycling, paddling, and partying.

Red Shoulder Hawk

A hawk visited us Sunday morning, screeching at the world from our chimney, and later hiding in a nearby tree.

July Dutton

A paddle with Deb & Scott from Dutton Island to see the eagles, and found other birds, too.

June Dutton

Sharon and I explored around Dutton Island, finding birds and new pathways.

June Club Shea

Some of the plants around the house in close up in June

Clyde, NC

We spent not enough time visiting my brother and wife and family in Clyde. They have a beautiful place that he does a far better job of photographing he taught me photography.

We live in a beautiful world with wonderful people to interact with.

I currently live in Northeast Florida with plenty of water to kayak on, trails to mountain bike on, and flowers and birds to appreciate. Having lived and worked in Colorado for over 20 years, I appreciate the oxymoron of mountain biking in Florida.

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